The Thanksgiving season offers much to enjoy: football, dinner with extended family, Hallmark movies, and fantastic shopping deals. Black Friday, and more recently Cyber Monday, have become almost synonymous with Thanksgiving holiday that precedes them. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), more than 154 million consumers shoppedRead More
This Saturday, in just 24 hours more than $17 billion will be exchanged between consumers and producers in China’sSingles Day. That’s a bit more than double what will be sold in the U.S. between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The holiday, created by Amazon rival, Alibaba, originated in 2009. It’s grown so big that this year 140,000 brandsRead More
Tonight your neighborhood will likely be full of children dressed as their favorite superheroes, athletes, or cartoon characters. Halloween is the night of the year to dress as something you are not, and even get rewarded for doing so. But on a daily basis, many products around the world are dressing as something they are not: name-brand products.Read More
Holding the power of the purse, the U.S. Congress is tasked with passing the National Defense Authorization Act funding the Department of Defense, the 2018 edition is expected to be somewhere around $700 billion. Since 1961 the NDAA has been passed every year making it a prime target for legislators to add pork-barrel spending projects, the HouseRead More