The Liberian legislature is currently considering the Land Rights Act, legislation that will significantly improve the land rights of the nearly 4.6 million people in the West African country. Supported by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Land Rights Act would formally recognize that communities own their shared land under customaryRead More
Last August, the India Property Rights Alliance held a conference on Blockchain for Property Governance. One of speaker, Mr. Guillermo Pena, the CEO of Fundación Eléutera in Honduras, elaborated on how governments can use blockchain as a new tool to manage property titles and prevent fraud. Blockchain is the technology behind the e-currencyRead More
According to a study by the Intellectual Property (IP) Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, only about 40,500 trademark applications have been filed in the Southeast Asian country since 1991. This is a relatively low number of applications for trademark protections for a country of 7 million and an economy with a GDP of $37.3Read More
Taiwan recently passed an amendment to the country’s Trademark Act which will strengthen trademark owners’ rights against counterfeit goods. The measure allows trademark owners in Taiwan to file with Customs to have their trademark recorded on the Customs database. This enabled Customs’ ability to recognize and seize counterfeit productsRead More