Ever since the infamous Pirate Bay case more than a decade ago, Swedish authorities have been pushing for stronger penalties against those who breach copyright and trademark law. After a government report found that Swedish penalties for infringing upon intellectual property rights were relatively low compared to the rest of developed world, theRead More
Yesterday U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced the seizure of nearly 500,000 bottles of counterfeit perfume at the Los Angeles seaport complex. Since October 1, 2017, authorities have intercepted 11 shipments that have contained trademark violating counterfeits of 34 top perfume brands. Upon first glance, the items resemble authenticRead More
While speaking at the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday, Japanese External Trade Commissioner Taku Miyazaki announced plans for the government of Japan to cooperate with the government of Nigeria to address the issue of counterfeit products. According to Mr. Miyazaki, the cooperation will be focused on boosting the capacity of personnel atRead More
As Canadian Parliament resumed last week, special attention is being paid to S-2, which would introduce plain packaging regulations for all tobacco products. Today, the Singapore Ministry of Health announced it was seeking public feedback about proposed plain packaging rules that could go into effect. After the failure of plain packaging inRead More